Creating Life

It’s not often that I post, but I will try to do better. Now that I have a little more to write about these days, I should take the time to do so. I’m so happy that my wife takes the time to journal in separate little notebooks for each child we have. Now that number 3 is on the way, she will need another notebook.

I’ve written about the kids before, and I have a million thoughts that I’ve gathered over the last five years that I’ve been a father, but I seem to have trouble focusing on any one thing to write about. Both of my kids are the sweetest things. Angela has done an incredible job with them, and perhaps I deserve a small amount of credit too. Of course, I’m a little more deviant, as my son flashes gang signs and finishes my sentences, “What the…” says dad. “Hellll”, says Jack. My little deviant. This is the same kid that says, “May I please have (fill in blank), please.” Followed by a smile and a “thank you.”
Maddie is well on her way to becoming a teenager. She is such a little angel. We started her in Tae Kwon Do this year, and she decided to quit after about six weeks because, “I don’t want to learn to hurt people.” Of course, but when you turn pre-teen, and there are boys lining up at the door, may I?

So, the third child will be here in September. Bring on the gray hair baby!

God bless…


~ by jackzepplin on March 5, 2008.

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